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Our Mission: “We strive to give every senior and disabled individual the ability to live a fulfilled and purposeful life in a supportive and dynamic family environment by coordinating training, care and aid.”
Family Circle Care AFC guides, trains and financially assists qualified individuals who are willing and able to provide ongoing support in a family environment to seniors and individuals with disabilities unable to live independently. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals coordinates care of Case Managers and Registered Nurses through home visits, specialized trainings and 24-hour live support.

Who is eligible for Adult Family Care in Massachusetts?

  • Adults (age 16 and older) who are unable to live alone because of a chronic medical, physical, cognitive, or psychiatric condition
  • Adults who require daily assistance with at least two activities of daily living (ADLs), such as:

bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, eating, mobility, and personal hygiene, as well as homemaker services, such as housecleaning, laundry, meal preparation, and shopping for essentials.

  • Adults who are eligible for MassHealth Standard (may be a member of a different healthcare plan)- please contact us to find out more.

Who can be an Adult Family Care Caregiver?

  • The caregiver can be a family member (with certain exceptions) or non-family member.
  • Caregiver must share living arrangements with the eligible adult and be willing and able to provide assistance and supervision.
  • Caregivers must be thoroughly screened and complete an application process, including being cleared through CORI, SORI
  • Follow AFC regulations and participate in trainings
A goal of this program is to enable independent living and prevent unnecessary or premature nursing home institutionalization. Thus, individuals who wish to remain living in their homes or in the homes of family members will want to look further into this program’s benefits and eligibility requirements.
This program is administered by Massachusetts Medicaid, which is called MassHealth. Participants must be enrolled in MassHealth Standard or CommonHealth (although other insurances may also be eligible).
The participants are responsible for the self-direction of their care. Individuals are provided with funds, by way of a fiscal intermediary. Participants use these funds to hire and manage their own personal care attendants to assist them with their activities of daily living and other tasks around the home. The program participant acts as an employer. If the applicant is not able to manage his or her care, a friend or relative may fill this role as Adult Family Caregiver.
In Massachusetts, individuals can hire friends, neighbors, and even some family members to work as their Adult Family Caregiver. While spouses and legal guardians are not eligible to be hired, adult children, friends, and former spouses can be hired and paid for the caregiving services they provide.

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Contact us at info@FamilyCircleCareAFC.com or by calling (781) 943-3746
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