What We Offer

Family Circle Care AFC guides, trains and financially assists qualified individuals who are willing and able to provide ongoing support in a family environment to seniors and individuals with disabilities unable to live independently.

Home Safety

We will make a comprehensive safety assessment of your living arrangements to minimize risks and hazards and to ensure comfortable, stable and safe environment.


It is our commitment and goal to ensure that all our members are under continuous professional supervision of medical professionals. Our nurses, social workers, PTs, dietitians and case managers are committed to keep you healthy, help you to maintain control over your chronic conditions and promote an overall better care in a warm family environment.


We will provide you with all necessary resources and connect you with all necessary organizations within the community to ensure that all your needs and goals are met.


We help families to determine whether they are eligible for the program and provide guidance and resources at every stage of the process.


Our multi-disciplinary team carefully reviews every individual case by assessing both clinical and social needs to develop a comprehensive plan of care and to determine the appropriate level of care needed.
We carefully screen all caregivers and alternative caregivers to ensure your safety and well-being.